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02:05 am: Happy Day of the Dead!
Yeah, 2 hours into November, and it sure feels like it.
The Bob Dylan concert was awesome, and yet, it feels like I'm missing something from it. I realized about halfway through that I really do not know Bob Dylan. I feel like going through the set list, finding the lyrics, finding a bootleg of the concert (it's gotta be out there somewhere) and re-listening to it again and again because there's just so much that I couldn't have percieved in the arena. In fact, I did look up the set list, and a few fan reviews from earlier shows in the tour. These people have the same capacity for recognizing Bob Dylan songs that I have for recognizing I've songs. They also have a similar passion, though some of them have probably been following Bob for much longer than I have followed, say, KOTOKO. I recognized one song out of the entire set list and that makes me feel somewhat dumb. I recognized more of the Foo Fighters' set.
Anyway, one of the songs Bob performed seemed awfully similar to my LJ title, so I decided to change it to that. I gotta get some sleep... too much homework for tomorrow... -_-zz

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